Energy Management

Energy management involves a system designed to achieve energy efficiency through process optimization by reporting on energy use by individual pieces of equipment.  This is achieved by automated control and monitoring of electromechanical devices in a building such as lighting, HVAC and ventilation. The scope of these systems may span from a single building to a group of buildings such as university campuses, office buildings, retail stores networks or factories.

Most of these energy management systems also provide facilities for the reading of electricity, gas and water meters. The data obtained from these can then be used to perform self-diagnostic and optimization routines on a frequent basis and to produce trend analysis and annual consumption forecasts.

Newer, cloud-based energy management systems provide the ability to remotely control HVAC and other energy-consuming equipment; gather detailed, real-time data for each piece of equipment; and generate intelligent, specific, real-time guidance on finding and capturing the most compelling savings opportunities.