Lighting, Shade & HVAC Controls

As most are aware the world has shifted to LED bulbs – and although they can be a greater upfront investment the long term cost benefits are noticeable. That goes the same for lighting, shade and HVAC controlled systems.

Lighting control is the ability to control lighting devices from a centralized location either directly or via a program. Convenience and timed controlled are central keys to a lighting control system. We can program your lights to gradually turn on 30 minutes prior to sunset, set your landscape lighting loads to run from sunset to a desired time, etc. Welcome home and goodbye functions create an easy and effective way to turn on / off the lights in your home from a single location. Additionally – by remotely locating light switches we can increase the aesthetics of your room by removing the massive bank of switches and replacing it with a clean, single gang keypad.

Looks to have motorized shades & drapes in your house? Not only do these add to your house efficiency, then add an excellent design upgrade that is elegant and quiet. These range from full blackout to decorative and come in a wide range of styles & patterns.

Another way to save on house energy and ensure a comfortable environment upon arriving home is by installing smart thermostats throughout your house. From standalone cloud based units to fully integrated units that talk to other systems in your house we can help get your HVAC settings under control.